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Bad Day Fabrication
A full-service perimeter security provider offering manufacturing, integration, design and installation of crash rated anti-vehicular equipment
Reliable Barrier Security
Our products have a long track record of reliability in the marketplace from active bollards and wedge barriers, to passive systems like cable barriers and fixed bollards.
Top-Of-The-Line Perimeter Security Provider
When it comes to providing perimeter security, no one puts more emphasis on reliability than we do. Give us a call today to learn more.

We Focus
Heavily on

Waterproof Motor

Bad Day Fabrication uses the latest design in electric motor operation. Many barriers provide IP68 water proof operation.

Hi Speed Operation

Bad Day Fabrication barriers use multiple types of operation systems; some of which are high speed while others are for heavy duty protection.

Dual Hit Defense

Many Bad Day Fabrication products can withstand multiple impacts, retaining function and protecting the site.

Flexible Operation

Bad Day Fabrication works with customers to determine the type protection required. Barriers are available with both electric and hydraulic operators to meet customer needs.

Top-Of-The-Line Security Barriers 

Retractable Bollards<br>Wedge Barriers<br>Crash Arms<br>Crash Gates

Retractable Bollards
Wedge Barriers
Crash Arms
Crash Gates

Active barriers are essential to any project in the security industry. For any location needing vehicular access it is important to have an active system that is reliable. Factors to consider are cycle times, mode of operation (electric or hydraulic), and the number of vehicles entering/exiting per day.

Fixed Bollards<br>Shallow Bollards<br>Post & Cable Systems<br>Crash-Rated Fences<br>Removable Bollards

Fixed Bollards
Shallow Bollards
Post & Cable Systems
Crash-Rated Fences
Removable Bollards

The Bad Day fixed and shallow bollard are commonly utilized for passive applications around a facility or to compliment one of our active barrier systems. These bollards can come in low ratings capable of stopping a 4,000lbs vehicle at 30mph, or up to stopping a 15,000lbs vehicle at 50mph (K12/M50).

How & Who We Can Help

We work with end users who need a turnkey solution for their facility, architects and engineers who need reliable products to provide in their designs, security integrators who sell and install barrier systems, and general contractors who are looking for competitive pricing on projects they are working on.


No matter what phase the project is in, or what role you play in the process, Bad Day Fabrication and Security has a solution for you.  We have security professionals ready to discuss our products and services, and to find out how we can best add value to your project.

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